Your safety is always our number one priority.

All ENT specialists in Australia shut down all non-emergency office visits and surgery in March 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We spent 6 weeks completely renovating the ENT Sydney offices, re-training our team and re-writing our policies and procedures to make our offices 100% Covid-ready.

How many changes have been made at ENT Sydney for Covid19?

We have made over 40+ changes to our offices.

What are some of the big changes that have been made?

  1. High-flow, HEPA filtered, Negative pressure AC consulting rooms

    ENT Sydney’s office now has:

    • Negative pressure (fresh air is drawn from outside in to the consulting rooms)
    • Hospital-grade HEPA ultrafiltration
    • More than 20 Air changes per hour
  2. AC Deck

  3. Powered air purifying respirators (PAPR)

    ENT Sydney's office has four PAPR units. These allow our doctors and staff to operate with complete safety.

  4. Papr Units

  5. Custom-built easy-clean furniture

    ENT Sydney has installed custom-built workstations, chairs and airtight cupboards that are waterproof and easy to clean.

  6. Deep cleaning of consulting and waiting rooms

    We deep-clean the whole office suite on a regular basis

    Custom Built Workstations

  7. Custom built perspex screen for reception desk

    We have installed a custom wrap-around Perspex screen to protect patients and staff

  8. Reception Desk

  9. Temperature checks available
  10. Temperature Checks

What are some of the other changes that have been made?

  1. Hand sanitiser stations throughout the office
  2. We have an extremely large waiting room (around 80m2) to maintain social distancing
  3. Reception Desk

  4. Waiting room chairs have been reduced and spaced out
  5. When required, we place waiting room chairs in the large corridor outside the office to help with social distancing
  6. We have removed magazines from the waiting room
  7. When required, patients are screened by phone the day before attending
  8. Patients are asked to come by themselves, unless they need a support person (eg if elderly or from a non-English-speaking background)
  9. Any extra visitors are asked not to stay in the waiting room (there is a coffee shop nearby)
  10. Parents can still attend with their child but are not permitted to bring siblings
  11. Masks are available for all patients and visitors
  12. Our specialist doctors wear masks to protect patients and visitors
  13. Patients complete forms online, so they don’t need to use paper or pens on-site
  14. Patients are asked to scan or take pictures of their referral/ reports/ paperwork and send to the office by email
  15. Payments can be made online to avoid using EFTPOS terminals
  16. The reception desk has been moved to create more space
  17. Our nursing staff that contact patients wear custom surgical scrubs
  18. Consult rooms have been emptied of everything unnecessary
  19. New custom-made built-in desks with easy-to-wipe surfaces
  20. All fabric chairs have been replaced with easy-to-wipe surfaces
  21. All equipment is being stored in airtight cupboards
  22. Perspex covers have been made to over computers and printers
  23. Medical-grade, dishwasher-safe, waterproof, wireless keyboards and computer mice have been installed
  24. Wireless Keyboards and Mice

  25. Keyboards and mice are regularly deep-cleaned
  26. Perspex covers have been made for equipment
  27. Custom made rubbish and used-instruments bins are managed through an opening in the built-in desktop
  28. Perspex box for pens, stamps, desktop instruments
  29. Sterile instruments are only brought in to the consulting room on an individual patient basis
  30. Wherever possible, disposable instruments are used
  31. Our staff are supervised by a fully-trained nurse to clean all cameras, instruments, furniture and equipment between patients
  32. Our nurse wears full PPE (personal protective equipment)
  33. We have built a new sterilisation room to ensure the highest possible level of patient safety
  34. Custom Built Workstations

  35. We have installed custom drawers in the walls of the consulting rooms so doctors do not need to leave the consulting room during a consultation, reducing the risk of spread.
  36. We have thousands of Hospital-grade N95 masks and full PPE for our staff and patients
  37. There are hand sanitiser stations at EVERY lift entrance
  38. Hand Sanitiser Stations

  39. There are restrictions on the number of people allowed to use each lift
  40. As we are on the Ground floor, it is not necessary to use the lifts
  41. The waiting room chairs are cleaned throughout the day
  42. We have replaced our waiting room water cooler with individual water bottles, for patient convenience
  43. Our main surgical hospital, Lakeview Private, only admits healthy patients for elective surgery
  44. Lakeview Private does not admit any sick, unwell or emergency patients. It does NOT have an emergency department or an intensive care unit

Your safety is our number one priority.

If you have any questions or concerns about Covid19, please contact us.